Inspire Each Other

Issue 53 - 11 April 2021

Welcome to Inspire, one way of sharing fellowship whilst we cannot physically meet.

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What is Inspire?

In case you didn't know, Inspire is an opportunity for us all to share with, and encourage each other with testimony, scripture, inspirational thoughts, teaching or a picture - anything to bless and encourage. Please send all contributions to Jenny via email at, WhatsApp, note or phone.


Because this will be on our website and circulated via Watts-app we need to be careful about content. For example personal detail or political content will not be published ...

Church is not the building, we are!

This is for us all to contribute to! It doesn't matter how insignificant you may think your thought or possible contribution is, in God's hands it is going to bless someone! You can contribute every week or occasionally, but the important thing is that you contribute!


Remember to pray for those making decisions and working to protect us from this virus. Also for those directly effected by loss of loved ones. Pray also the the Lord will bring something good out of all this by His amazing grace. He tends not to miss His opportunities to bring calm from the storms.