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So Much To Thank God For!

Dear all,

Firstly, may I wish you all a very happy and blessed new year. If I am honest, I am not a fan of New Year, I love Christmas and all that we celebrate and reflect upon. New year however, as far as I am concerned, is greatly overshadowed by Christmas.

New Year prompts me to look back over 12 months and reflect upon all that God has done and is making preparation to do. It is with thanks that as believers, we can say that God has been faithful and despite what we may have felt, He never left us or forsook us.

Some may say "Well, what about the bad things that happen in our lives and in the world, where was God then?"

Well firstly, God never said we would have a problem free life! In fact the bible tells us that often we pass through trials and tribulations so that we can experience His comfort so that then we can comfort others who are passing through similar situations. (2 Corinthians 1ff).

I call this experiential wisdom. You can't get this from a book, a DVD or any sermon, this comes from life! This is God equipping us for ministry.

In the world, well if we try to squeeze God in to religious boxes in order to get Him to conform to our ideologies, then not only will that box always be empty, so will our lives be.

If as a world we choose either to ignore God or go on trying to get Him to conform to our ways, we have no place to then blame Him when things go wrong.

God sent Jesus not to tweak the religious systems that existed 2000 years ago, but to completely change mankind's relationship with Him. The Angel told the Shepherds "a saviour is born to you who is Christ the Lord". If we think about this comment, "a saviour" implies that someone or something needs help. But then we can see whom in the next words, "to you".

So often we come to the end of each year having struggled through our lives wishing it could be different or easier or better. Let me ask you, will it be the same for you in 12 months time? Or will you join me - and many believers around the world who will say "Thank you Father God for saving me".

With much love

Pastor Andrew


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