Pastor Andrew's Page

Dear friends,

As I write this, I hope that you are all well and blessed.

It's often a challenge to keep up with things as time seems to pass so quickly these days, someone said its because I am getting a bit older but actually even younger people agree that time passes very fast!

It often seems to me that Sundays come round much faster than every seven days. For me as a pastor there is preparation to do as well as all the other duties I have responsibility for - contrary to some belief that we only work on Sundays!

Often though, it is good to step back and look and our busy lives and take stock of what we are doing and what we are involved in, what we invest our time in. For me, it's about fruitfulness, what are the things that I am doing that are productive and fruitful? And then from that assessment I can 'prune' back things that are not fruitful so that I can invest more time and effort into what is fruitful.

John 15 is a wonderful passage of scripture where Jesus talks about Him being the vine stock and us being the branches. He says that we are grafted into Him so that we can bear fruit.

Whoever we are, our hearts desire should be that our lives are fruitful, meaningful and have purpose in the Kingdom of God. Often we get caught up with things that are trivial and actually a waste of time and energy. So it's good to stop, assess and consider before God, what we should be involved in and what we should be letting go of.

Be careful that you don't place your security in things that are not fruitful. Our acceptance is first and foremost in Christ Jesus. If we are confident in Him then we will be confident to use the gifts we have all been given to encourage and bless the body of Christ and not be involved in things that actually don't bring us peace and joy because they are 'unfruitful' and not where we belong.

Much love to you all,

Pastor Andrew


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