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Hi Friends,

I came across this prayer the other day as I was going through my collection of 'notes' stored on my computer. As I read it I reflected on its simplicity and yet at the same time, how profound it is.

I think sometimes when we pray, we get more caught up with what we say rather than what we mean. Personally, I talk to God a lot, when I am driving (not good to close your eyes here..), when I am doing odd jobs or when I am out for a meander...

I am in no way disrespectful in doing this, but God knows our hearts anyway, so why pretend to be something we are not?


Children's Prayer

Thank you, LORD, for another day.

Thank you for the sun and the blue sky.
Thank you for the rain that waters the plants and trees.
Thank you for food that we eat each day,
Thank you especially for chocolate ice cream .

Help me to remember
that all good things come from you,
And help me always to say thank you.

Dear Lord,
Help me to be good today.
And I am sorry for the times I did what I wanted to do,
instead of what you wanted me to do.

Help me to be a blessing today.
Use me to bring happiness and joy to those you love.
Help me love other people and to be helpful.
Thank you for those who look after me at home and at school
I ask you to bless my teachers and all the children in school

I pray for the entire world to be at peace
that people would love each other
I pray for all the people who do not have as much as me
That you would provide what they need

Dear Lord, your love
is better than anything else in the world.
And you love me.
Help me always to remember that.

Thank you, LORD!


If you are holidaying - stay safe and be blessed.

Much love,

Pastor Andrew


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