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Unchanging Hope In a Changing World

I celebrate 28 years a Christian at the end of July. Not sure where 28 years went, I guess I have done a lot and been to a lot of places in the world in service to God.

When I think back to 28 years ago, the world was a different place and my view of the world was very different too. As I became a believer, my values changed along with priorities and goals.

Those changes were not about religion telling me what to do, it was and is, about Jesus teaching me who to be. It isn't about religion modifying my behaviour; it was and is about Jesus transforming my heart.

Embedded in that, there is the hope that God brings to our lives the hope that has stood through time and stands today. So whilst the world may have changed, the message of hope remains the same. This hope is not found in religion or in the institutional organizations that some denominations have become - and are in danger of becoming.

This hope, is found in Christ Jesus the Lord. In John 3ff Jesus spoke to Nicodemas who was a very religious, institutionalized man. Jesus told him of the 'hope' of seeing the Kingdom of God. (Nicodemus had realised that Jesus was sent from God and was different to all that he had known).

So this hope stands - it remains - despite the world changing, and it must be said, in many respects, not for the best, we, as Gods church have a message for the world and it is here in the wonderful words of this song written by Chris Christensen:

      May we be a shining light to the nations,
      A shining light to the peoples of the earth;
      Till the whole world sees the glory of Your name,
      May Your pure light shine through us.

      May we bring a word of hope to the nations,
      A word of life to the peoples of the earth;
      Till the whole world knows there's salvation through Your name,
      May Your mercy flow through us.

This is not the entire song, you can find it here

... is it not time that Gods church spoke with one voice ...?

Much love,

Pastor Andrew


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