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In the book of Romans (chapter 12 verse 2), Paul tells the church in Rome to be "Transformed by the renewing of your minds".

Let's be honest, if we meet the living God, there is going to be change! I can't believe for one minute that if a person meets God there isn't change!

The thing is that because God loves us unconditionally, he won't force change. That change is often for us to accept or refuse. We can still be a believer, but refuse the changes that God really desires to make in our lives and then struggle on the journey forwards.

Folks who have accepted the transformation that God desires to make often become transformers, they become people who want to see Gods will done above all else - especially in His church and wont settle for the status quo.

So what are the hallmarks of transformers?

Transformers wait for the Spirit of God to bring change observing the fruit from within. Conformers want results and calculate change. Conformers are spectators where transformers are participants.

A transformer will quietly resist the celebrity persona that often marks the church - and will receive the Word from any sound source. The conformer will want the latest and greatest superstar only looking for a high but then returning to the low...

Transformers trust in God to work through them to get His will done - serving and pressing in. Conformers will run from conference to conference looking for the latest technique of getting things done with more speed and less personal cost - often not examining on what biblical foundation they are based.

Transformers are not impressed by budgets or buildings, but that which glorifies God. Conformers want the best building - sharpest suit and the most expensive car - they want to impress and be the best.

Transformers will work and serve whether they are noticed or not, they will want to see God take the Glory - not intimidated by those with stronger or "bigger" callings but will help to get them into their place in the kingdom. Conformers - often insecure - critical and controlling - not bothers about being Christ like...

God wants to transform us for a reason - to deepen our relationship with Him and to equip us to serve His church - I challenge you to find greater blessings!

Much love

Pastor Andrew


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