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It is such a wonderful thing when as believers, we sense God speak to us. There are many ways that God can get our attention, through the word, through a song or hymn, someone else speaking to us or something we hear within a sermon, even pondering creation - the list is long when we think about it.

But for me, I am always humbled when God uses that 'quiet inner voice', hard to explain, but when God says something, well, you just know!

This happened to me in an evening service back in September, quite unexpectedly God simply spoke into my heart. What He said was very profound and has caused me to reflect a lot.

'When you travel through the dark valley's of life and eventually leave them, if all that you understand is that I have walked with you, then you possess the most precious lesson that I can teach you'.

Psalm 23 comes to mind amongst many other scriptures. But in the Psalm it is written that although we may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God's rod and staff comfort us.

If God's rod (to guide us) and His staff (to protect us) comfort us, then God Himself must be walking with us. Isn't that just beautifully simple.

Much love

Pastor Andrew


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