At Least It Didn't Rain!

I left home at 08.30 on a very cold foggy Sunday morning. Normally I would be running through in my head all that was supposed to be happening in our morning service at church. But today was different; I was more concerned about keeping warm and if I had all I was supposed to take as I embarked on my adventure.

I was going to support the town's mayor, Gary Spendlove, in raising money for transplant charities and raising awareness of donor cards this in conjunction with Belper-based World Transplant Games athlete, Simon Elmore. Ironically, this was a sponsored walk, not something I have done for some time, walking that is, so I was going in my wheelchair!

So I had my off road wheels, the chair itself and my Batec, (a power unit that drives my manual chair along), gloves, hat, coats and more coats! As I got in my car the thermometer-registered -1c with ice warning light flashing at me. It was foggy and very damp - but at least it wasn't raining.

Having arrived at the starting point in Belper, I was greeted by those who had gathered and Gary our mayor came clutching a pink sweat shirt for me to wear XXL so as to fit over my already numerous layers!

I don't do pink - never have done and have never worn anything pink! So hear I am in my wheelchair and I am going along the main A6 for 5.4 miles wearing a pink sweat shirt... O yes, and before we left BBC East Midlands TV came and interviewed me, so not only was I going up the A6 in my pink sweat shirt, I was on TV as well!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I did the 5+ miles along with all the other brave souls who are going on to do a total of 100 miles this week. You can find our more details here:

I was like a block of ice at the end of it and happy to get into a warm car, but I guess that is pretty insignificant when we consider those whose lives hang in the balance as they await transplants...

If you would like to donate you can contact us at the church or give via the above link.

So far I have raised £215 - thanks to all who supported me!

God bless them as they continue their epic walk.

With much love

Pastor Andrew

Walk for Life

Pastor Andrew passing Belper Baptist Church at the start of the walk.