Current Church Building

In the early 1890s, the church purchased land on the opposite side of Bridge Street to the original chapel for a new building. Mr James Bakewell promised £300 if the church could raise £700. This was done and a loan was obtained for £1,000. Work began in 1893 and was completed the following year at a cost of over £2,000. The old church was retained and used as a school hall.

The Rev Henry Collard ATS became Minister in 1897 - 1901. Rev William Collins Davies BA succeeded him in 1904 and during his ministry, £300 was raised at a bazaar towards the clearing of the debt. Mr Davies moved in 1913 to Crowle, Doncaster. Rev GSC Eveleigh, a retired missionary, ministered for brief period in 1914, followed in 1917 - 1920 by the Rev HF Bran, who later moved to Lenton Sands, Nottingham. After Mr Bran's departure, the church was without a minister for a long period.

A legacy of nearly £500, left by Mrs Birkin, enabled the balance of the loan to be repaid. The church was redecorated and electric light installed. Mrs Collins Davies re-opened the building in 1933.

The Rev FG Hastings, BA, Derby, was invited to become the Moderator and, due to his help and leadership, the Rev FJ Gay of Halwill, Devon began his ministry at Belper in 1944, continuing until 1949. Prior and during Mr Gay's ministry, Boys Brigade, BWL and the Campaigners organisations were all formed.

Ministries followed by Rev PG Kirby, 1951 - 1955 and Rev CL Martin, 1956 - 1959. A manse was built and purchased by the church in 1955. Miss Weston left a legacy that paid for the initial deposit on the manse, the balance being met by friends and members.

The old school hall eventually became inadequate and the church, under the ministry of Rev AJ Roberts who came from County Durham in April 1962 decided to do a structural alteration in the church by putting a floor over the gallery, thereby creating a new church hall. A new heating and lighting system was installed at the same time and the ground floor sanctuary redecorated. A new kitchen and toilet facilities were also provided. Financing of some of the development was by Mr HK Rawson of Rawson's Builders, Derby.

At around this time, the old chapel and school hall was sold off.

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